Save Later with Solar

The Better News

If you look at all of the solar energy companies out there, it may be daunting trying to figure out which one to choose. So, why choose Solstice? What’s in it for you?

Solstice is owned and operated by a well established solar home builder who has been in the business for over 15 years. You might wonder why that could save you money or be meaningful to you. What this means for you is that with Solstice Energy you get all of the personality, excitement and drive of a start-up, coupled with the experience, professionalism, and buttoned-up customer service of a company that’s been there, done that.

We will not only help you get solar on your home, we will walk you through all of the yucky finance stuff. We will show you how and where you’ll save and how to make sense of it all without any pain. Promise. We will treat you right. We will save you money. Period.

In addition, your Solstice choice keeps giving in so many ways...

  • ‍Your home will be worth more
  • ‍Your home will sell faster
  • ‍You will be saving trees (keeping CO2 out of the system)
  • ‍You will continue to save money for the life of your home
  • ‍Your system comes with the best warranty in the business (25 years)
  • ‍If you ever have a problem, Solstice will be around to solve it for you

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