About Solstice

Our mission

We know that individual energy choices have a direct, measurable impact on the health of our customers, the environment, and the economy. That is why our mission as a company is to help homeowners and businesses become more energy efficient by adopting clean, renewable solar power. We believe in protecting families from rising electricity costs, and take pride in looking after the environment by reducing polluting power sources. When it comes to helping you upgrade your home or business to solar power, Solstice takes a truly customized approach.

Who we are

Solstice Energy is a subsidiary of Solstice Homes, a well established and award winning Utah developer that has been building solar homes, multi-family residences and commercial properties for over 15 years. Since 2013 we have been installing solar panels in California, Utah, Arizona and Massachusetts. Solstice Energy is comprised of men and women from your community. We are committed to helping our neighbors understand the value of renewable energy. We will not only treat you right, but we’ll personally assist you in planning your investment and show you all the ways you’ll save.

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